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Fresh news with morning coffee - what can be better?
Read, write and share reliable news and stories wherever you are with MustKnow app. Keep the world updated.
Unique features
Article trust rate
The concept of the platform was build around the idea of article
trust level - the estimation of the articles based on a several criteria:
author rating: based on followers, articles history and activity
user trust rating: every user can evaluate the article with "Trust"
or " Don`t trust" mark
user interest level: how many users have read the article
share score level: how many users share the article in social media
content uniqueness: percent of the unique content
News Stories
Now with MustKnow platform you can share stories connected to news easily. Imagine getting fresh and reliable information both from article and stories!
Adaptive main page
Main page of MustKnow platform adopts according to users activity:
in case user has some history on the site, main page arrange articles according to visitor`s preferences. Otherwise main page suggests interesting topics and high-rated articles.
Author`s history and articles
You can always get access to authors rating, follow him on social media, observe author`s articles and get more information about his/her job position and experience
News sharing mechanism
Main news providers are visitors of the platform, anyone can become an author by sharing the news with the platform
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